April 2016 archive

Planting Value – Curb Appeal Ideas

Lawn and Garden month is recognized every April. Tips to improve curb appeal.

Spring rains have saturated most of the U.S. this April and now is the time for homeowners to get outside and beautify their lawn, flowers and gardens, especially if planning to sell a home this summer.

How to Keep Employees Loyal and Happy

If you want to increase emplyee retention, start with appreciation.

In 1952, Harry Klemfuss of Young and Rubicam created National Professional Secretaries Week and National Secretary’s Day. Today, the recognition holiday is known as Administrative Professionals’ Day / Week and this year it is celebrated during the week of April 25.

What Happens When You Say “Good Bye” to Stress?

Due to the high demands placed upon agents, having a real estate business and career can be stressful.  And, since it’s Stress Awareness Month, there’s no better time to assess the stress in your life. And, most importantly, make positive changes for increased wellness.

What we plant today can help tomorrow

Ways to get Involved this Earth Day

Earth Day is an environmental movement to promote a healthy, sustainable planet. It was first celebrated in the United States in 1970. On that first Earth Day, 20 million people engaged in peaceful demonstrations to show their support for environmental reform. From this grassroots effort, an environmental movement was born.

Earth Day is now celebrated in more than 193 countries with various activities that support protecting the environment, igniting passion and motivating people to action.

Great Home or Great Commute?

How real estate agents can help their clients weigh the options

It’s no secret that commute time and traffic have both become major factors for home buyers. In many cases, a longer work commute limits where buyers will consider looking. However, homes at optimum price points often require only a slight increase in commute. The key is for real estate agents to help their clients weigh the pros and cons so they make the right decision.  

As a starting point, it’s important to have a discussion with clients about their current commute.

Top Fitness Apps and Gadgets For Busy Real Estate Agents

Gone are the days where busy professionals don’t have the time or help to meet their wellness goals. Today, thanks to our increasingly data-focused world, with the help of smart phones, apps and activity trackers, it is now easier to reach your desired personal health and wellness goals. Here is our look at some of the top rated fitness apps and gadgets to keep you on track.

Picture Power: Instagram for Real Estate Agents

Most people turn to the Internet to find homes for sale in their area as well as real estate agents to work with. So it makes good business sense for real estate agents to utilize social media platforms to market their listings. Even more so, since pictures drive listings, utilizing social platforms that focus on photography is an excellent strategy for agents.

Keller Williams Is Home to The Largest Number of Firms on Top Brokerage Lists

KW’s growth and productivity gains make it the “Top Power Broker by Brand”

Social Media = Visual Media

How real estate agents can make the most of Pinterest

Social media is a marketing and branding gold mine for real estate agents. Among Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, there is also the popular platform Pinterest. Like Instagram, Pinterest is visually based using photos as the main feature. In fact, users can’t share something on Pinterest unless there is an image. Ready to pin, but need some inspiration? We can help.

On the Right Foot – Steps to Walking for Wellness

The excuses for why people don’t exercise range from they don’t like going to gyms, the yoga class schedule conflicts with their work schedule, the idea of jumping in a pool at 6 a.m. doesn’t thrill them and so on. But, what about walking? Walking is convenient, free and you can do it just about anywhere and anytime.