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Securing Homes for Open Houses

Open Houses
Clients often ask what they can do to secure their belongings when hosting an open house. While many agree the probability of theft is low and outweighed by the potential exposure of open houses, there are some things h…

Winter Home-Staging Tips

Selling homes in the winter months can pose challenges as fewer buyers want to venture out in the cold. Traditionally, the period from Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day is the slowest time of year for home shopping. But for moti…

What the ‘#’? Understanding How to Use Hashtags

Digital Marketing
Social media can feel like learning a new language, but it is an important resource for reaching out to new clients and staying connected with current and past ones. A particular social media function many people are unsu…

More Sweetness – Less Stress: Managing the Holidays

The holidays are here! For many people, this is a time for family gatherings and festivity. It is a joyous and beautiful time of year. But it is also a period when people tend to overeat, stress about budgets, worry about lack of …

Working Together – Ideas for Building Team Morale

Team Building
The backbone of an effective work environment is morale. Morale is the spirit and sense of well-being that a group of people share. It is very important not only for engaging employees, but retaining them as well.

Red Report – November 2016

How To Become The Local Real Estate Expert | Real Estate Farming Strategies

Real Estate Agent Training Presented by: Keller Williams Mega Agent Interview Kenny Klaus, Keller The Kenny Klaus Team – Keller Williams Realty – Mesa, AZ How To Become The Local Real Estate Expert Whether you are existing real estate agent looking to grow your existing real estate business or are just starting your real estate […]

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‘Tis the Season for Gift Giving – Client Holiday Gift Ideas

Agent Tips
The holiday season is upon us, and as we do every year, we contemplate what gifts to give our clients. Here are some ideas for customized gifts that will impress your clientele without breaking the bank.

Fall Home Maintenance Tips for Homeowners

Property Values
Fall is a popular and ideal time for home maintenance. It can also be daunting for many homeowners to think about seasonal projects that help keep up their property values. But many things can be done without having to hire…

The Blessing in Challenges

We all face challenges throughout our lives. The victories come from how we handle those challenges and move forward. Keller Williams associates Carissa and Jay Acker have offices in Dallas/Ft. Worth, San Antonio and Round Rock, Te…