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This Month in Real Estate – November 2018

The Smart Cloud Advantage

Keller Cloud – it’s the only real estate-specific smart cloud, and it’s poised to redefine the homebuying and selling experience, for agents and consumers alike. For the past few years, Keller Williams has been busy building the Keller Clou…

KW Innovators Offer Advice That Will Drive You Forward

In our ever-evolving digital world, it’s no secret that technology is reshaping the real estate industry. To keep up, agents must be innovative, creative, and nimble to offer clients services and experiences they can’t get elsewhere.
So, h…

Lessons Learned from 72 Profit Share Millionaires

Jay Papasan, vice president and executive editor at KW Publishing, recently studied 72 of Keller Williams’ top profit share earners to understand how all associates could grow their wealth through the tool. Each individual that Papasan stud…

Negotiate Your Way to More Closings

By Darren Kittleson
Stories of classic negotiations always set parties at odds – like players on opposing sports teams ready to compete until the scoreboard declares a winner. In real estate, the scoreboard is the dollar amount paid or acc…