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Carving Out a Niche Focused Business

Green Living

Dan Wisdom of the Denver Central (Colo.) market center has a passion for the environment that dates all the way back to his childhood. Read how his passion became his business and what tips he has for increasing production and customer satisfaction.

“As a kid, I would go around my neighborhood and collect newspapers and cans in my wagon and take them to the recycling center,” Wisdom recalls.

Green Home Demand On The Rise

Green homes with energy efficient attributes are a rapidly expanding market in real estate Home buyers, sellers and real estate professionals are experiencing a growing understanding of the importance and value of energy efficient homes. As a result, real estate

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Building a Green Network to Help Your Clients

From plumbers to architects, as a real estate professional, you refer clients to industry-specific experts. One area that has gained increased popularity is green living. Here are some tips for building a green network that will help you help your

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