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Fall Home Maintenance Tips for Homeowners

Property Values
Fall is a popular and ideal time for home maintenance. It can also be daunting for many homeowners to think about seasonal projects that help keep up their property values. But many things can be done without having to hire…

Grow Your Own Food and Property value

Backyard Farming

Turn your backyard into the farm of your dreams with raised garden beds!

Raised garden beds are the hottest trend in horticulture right now. Also called “garden boxes,” these gardens are great for growing small rows of vegetables and flowers right in one’s backyard. Because they are customizable depending on gardening desires, they can be made to suit any size of land. And best of all, since they are not permanent, when the home is sold, if the new owners don’t want to keep the garden bed up, they are easy to remove.

Are Chicken Coops Property Fowls or Perks?

It depends. Help your clients rule their roost with these half dozen pros and cons of backyard chickens.

Raising backyard chickens inside city limits has been gaining popularity nationwide. Chickens are more than just fun, docile pets. Chickens produce eggs that are fresh, nutritious and can offer  nutrition and flavor. More than ever before, real estate agents might be faced with questions about raising and keeping backyard chickens.