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Part Two: Winning with Consumers in 2018 – Offer Unique Value

Keller Williams agents across the country are building moats around their businesses with unique, value-added services. At the same time, they’re positioning Keller Williams as the brokerage of choice. In part one of our consumer series, we…

Part One: Winning with Consumers in 2018

As a real estate agent, you provide a valuable service to your customers. Your understanding of your local market and ability to negotiate on behalf of your clients is priceless. Yet, in recent years, other companies have entered our indust…

Six Real Estate Trends You Should Be Watching

Change is inevitable, especially in the real estate industry. Here are six trends to keep on your watch list as the industry shifts and grows.

Predicted Home Design Trends for 2017

As a new year rolls in, so do some new home trends. Here is a look at what you may expect to see at an open house near you in 2017.

Make it Rain All Year Long with Rainwater Collection

Real Estate Trends
Water supply is an ongoing concern for many, especially those living in drought-stricken areas. This is one reason why the conversation about collecting and utilizing rainwater as a means for battling supply challenges …

Farmhouse Kitchens: Coming to a Listing Near You

Real Estate Trends
One of the top design trends for 2016 is farmhouse kitchens. Whether your client is buying or selling, these tips for converting any kitchen into a farmhouse kitchen can bring a lot of attention to the focal point of the…